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CONTENTS-PERSONAL PROPERTY: The contents of your home are also covered. We'll provide you with an inventory sheet to list your personal property and values. The amount of coverage provided is normally a percentage of the amount you carry on your home, but we can increase the amount where needed. Certain property has specified limits of coverage. The inventory list will help us determine if you need extra coverage for those items. We will also include "Replacement Cost" coverage for your personal property. For lower premiums you can have actual cash value of your items (garage sale value).

FUNGI OR BACTERIA COVERAGE: This form provides limited bodily injury and property damage coverage against a fungi or bacteria incident. This coverage does not cover a food product intended for consumption.

LOSS OF USE: In the event you could not live in your home after an insured peril occurs, we offer payment of temporary living quarters while you are waiting for repair work to be completed. You would also have additional expenses such as food and laundry paid for as well.

MEDICAL PAYMENTS: Another included coverage is for bodily injury medical payments to a non-policy holder. Medical payments can be made to others (those not in your immediate family) up to the stated limit amount. This will often prevent going to court to see whose "fault" it was. The amount paid will cover many minor accidents regardless of who was responsible.

MOTORBOAT COVERAGE: This policy includes coverage on your boat and motor for loss or damage incurred up to the stated policy limit.

OTHER STRUCTURES: Protects secondary structures that are not attached to the primary insured building, such as a detached garage, tool shed, swimming pool, and barn. The typical coverage limits for other structures is 10% of your dwelling coverage-although higher amounts may be purchased if necessary.

PERSONAL ARTICLES FLOATER: This can be an "endorsement" to your homeowners policy. It would insure those items not normally covered under the personal property contents part of your policy and can be covered without a deductible. Things like mysterious disappearance and breakage are covered under this form.

PERSONAL LIABILITY: Our homeowners policy also covers claims for bodily injury or property damage for which you are legally responsible. This normally excludes auto and business related claims. You would be covered up to the stated liability limit for each accident.

  • Your dog bites the neighbor
  • You injure someone in a hunting accident
  • Your child breaks someone else's window with a baseball
  • Someone is injured on your premises

REPLACEMENT COST: Replacement cost insurance coverage provides you with the necessary funds to build your home at today's costs, as it was at the time of the peril. So you will have the money you need to rebuild your home as it stands today. Our policy also gives you some additional coverage for structures not attached to your home, such as garages, sheds, workshops, swimming pools, patio furniture, etc.

Unlike other types of insurance, replacement cost insurance does not depreciate your property or contents values. Every covered item that needs to be replaced will be treated as if it were brand new.

SNOWMOBILE INSURANCE: This policy provides coverage for your snowmobile(s) against loss or damage incurred, up to the stated policy limit.